Libby Leshgold Gallery

READ Books at the Charles H. Scott Gallery is pleased to invite you to celebrate the joint launch of Fillip 7, and Hadley and Maxwell’s new book titled 1+1−1.

Hadley + Maxwell: 1+1-1

1+1-1 is both a book and a film by Hadley and Maxwell. The title refers to One Plus One, Jean-Luc Godard’s choice of title for his 1968 film Sympathy for the Devil. Hadley and Maxwell’s project combines images of the Rolling Stones from Godard’s film with footage of a jam session from the artists’ studio in Berlin. The book includes Endless, Nameless: a companion text by Eric Fredericksen.

At the launch, Fredericksen will give a short talk on themes in the work of Hadley and Maxwell and his text contribution to 1+1-1. He is the director of Western Bridge, a Seattle collection exhibition space and has organized exhibitions in Canada, the US and Europe. He was a writer and editor at Architecture magazine and The Stranger, and his writing has appeared in the Organ, Nest, Metropolis, Hermenaut, Studio 360, and Art on Paper.

Hadley + Maxwell have been working together since 1997 when they met in Vancouver. 1+1-1 recently exhibited as an unfinished project at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, and Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto. It will travel to Oldenburg and Munich in Germany this spring. Hadley + Maxwell are currently based in Berlin.

Fillip 7

This new edition of Fillip covers the resurgent growth and implications of collectivity-based art production. Fillip 7 includes writing on contemporary and historical art collectives such as the Turin-based group Lo Zoo and the Collective Foundation from San Francisco.

Collectivism After Modernism, an important new book on the subject of group-driven art practices is reviewed. The issue features an essay on participation beyond models of consensus, and looks at a provisional curatorial project with young aboriginal women in Southern British Columbia.

Other essays reflect on the increasingly close relationship between art and design, the historical connections between psychedelia, art, and film, and a new Los Angeles-based film and video art series organized around a Deleuzian premise. In a series on alternative art spaces, Fillip 7 considers a group of project spaces in Barcelona. Lawrence Weiner and Liam Gillick are interviewed, and reviews of biennales and exhibitions are included. Fillip 7 contains poster projects by Paul Chan and Kristan Horton. Dan Starling inaugurates the Fillip Index project.