Libby Leshgold Gallery

Hatje Cantz and READ Books are pleased to invite you to celebrate the launch of Art of Projection edited by Stan Douglas and Christopher Eamon.

Stan Douglas will be in attendance.

Art of Projection investigates the historical and contemporary use of projected images in art, from the screen to the exhibition space and back again. Ten essays, written by leading art historians and critics, including Stan Douglas, Mieke Bal and Beatriz Colomina, address precedents for the projection of images in space, including nineteenth-century magic lantern shows and the novel spatial/temporal representations pioneered by Surrealists and experimental filmmakers during the early and mid-twentieth century. Central to the book's thesis are various alternatives – which were investigated by adherents of Expanded Cinema in the 70s and resurrected by video artists in the 90s – to the conventional portrayals of space and time promoted by the mainstream culture industry. Art of Projection serves as a timely reconsideration of media art's history.

For Further information please contact Kathy Slade at 604 630 7411

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