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Please join READ Books for a launch of Group Search / Memory Palace edited by Lorna Brown and Karen Love.

This beautiful full-colour catalogue documents two curated public art programs at the Vancouver Central Library's Central Branch, running from September 2006 to February 2010. The curators, artists and writers investigate this unique public space while addressing the organizational systems and broader philosophical and symbolic meanings of the library and the multifarious roles of the book.

Group Search [art in the library], curated by Lorna Brown, presents six projects by Antonia Hirsch, Mark Soo, Marina Roy, Jillian Pritchard & Dan Starling and Kathy Slade. Essays are by Vanessa Kwan, Derek Simons, and Lorna Brown. Karen Love curated Memory Palace [3 artists in the library], by Angela Grauerholz, Carol Sawyer and Esther Shalev-Gerz. Essays are by Renee Baert, Colin Browne, Jordan Strom and Karen Love.

The book is designed by Mark Timmings and produced for Inside the Library, Curatorial Initiatives for the Vancouver Public Library, a project of the City of Vancouver Public Art Program, in partnership with Other Sights for Artists' Projects and Doryphore Independent Curators.

Other public art books will be on display and available at READ Books:

Kingsway Luminaires, David MacWilliam, Kingsway Luminaires
Sensory Maps, Anna Ruth
Digital Natives, Other Sights for Artists' Projects
Sign for the City, Sabine Bitter & Helmut Webber (free perpetual calendar)
Timetop, Jerry Pethick
Lookout, Dikeakos / Best
Abbott and Cordova, 7 August 1971, Stan Douglas
52 Transactions, Kathy Slade