Libby Leshgold Gallery

Triple Canopy editor Sarah Resnick will present an overview of the magazine’s history, working methods, and the way in which specific artistic and literary projects have been conceived, edited, and designed in collaboration with contributors. She will also discuss the particulars of the magazine’s newly redesigned publishing platform, which aims to articulate and enrich the relationships between writing code and reading prose, between digital interfaces and printed pages, between social media and public space.

Sarah Resnick is a writer and managing editor of Triple Canopy. Her work has appeared in n+1 and The Happy Hypocrite, among other publications. Before joining Triple Canopy, she worked as an archivist, and earned a master’s degree in media archiving and preservation from New York University. She lives in New York.

Sarah Resnick's talk is presented by READ Books in collaboration with Fillip magazine.

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