Libby Leshgold Gallery

Bita Joudaki’s Technimate is a non-linear series of scenes presenting private moments that are mediated by technological devices. In each scene a woman is found alone, usually in a domestic setting, with their gaze directed at a screen. Joudaki considers the contemporary experience of intimacy and communication that is simultaneously isolated from human interaction.

Cinematography by Peter Hagge and Anna MacDonald.

Bita Joudaki is a filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. She graduated with a BFA in Film, Video + Integrated Media from Emily Carr University. She has worked as a campaign writer for social change organization Shit Harper Did, and has screened her films in Vancouver and LA.

After Hours is a series of projections presented in READ Books bookstore window. For this project, artists, designers, writers, musicians and curators are invited to present video work, select films, create YouTube playlists or put together slideshows to be screened from sunset until midnight.

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