Libby Leshgold Gallery

A scented memory of my mother vacuuming our wall-to-wall carpet; the warm aroma of exhaust, fiber and all that soaked in, fell through, settled, then lifted. White Carpet is a 400-square-foot stage in the shape of a soft island, or a drawing pad, or a resting place — a long exposure. Momentary flashes pile up over the course of the exhibition. A boy drives model cars through the dunes. Dogs roll over for belly rubs by shaky hands. Unconscious Cheezies-stains made in repose. The small dance of restless feet during a meeting.


We’ll end with Curtain Speech, a one-hour live performance of forewarnings cast by Ryan Tacata, Justine A. Chambers, and Billy Marchenski.


Ryan Tacata is a performance maker and writer based in Vancouver. His collaborative art practice is situated between live art and social practice, and plays critical intimacy in the key of everyday life. His work has been presented at the Asian Art Museum, Stanford University, the City of Chicago, Court Theatre, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Museum of Performance + Design, and The Momentary. He is co-artistic director of the performance group For You, and Assistant Professor of Performance at the School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University.





Canada Council for the Arts


Ryan Tacata: Goat Island