Libby Leshgold Gallery

In its original form, Adrift is a collection of four pieces of endless music, composed by LOSCIL and released as a mobile application in 2015. In this adaptation for a gallery setting, the installation uses structured random selection to continuously play discreet musical components with no beginning or end. Each of the original pieces is named after an infamous ghost ship, and conceived as a current of sound, in which the listener is encouraged to drift in and out of. The installation features a new composition named after the Alta, a merchant vessel abandoned at sea near Bermuda in 2018 and left adrift until meeting the coast of Ireland in 2020.


The performance on March 23rd will feature musicians Giorgio Magnanensi, Elisa Thorn, Meredith Bates, and Nick Anderson performing along with the installation.


loscil is the electronic music project of Canadian composer and multimedia artist Scott Morgan. For over 20 years, Morgan has built a robust catalogue of work under the loscil moniker, loosely spanning the genres of ambient, classical, and electroacoustic music. Alongside numerous albums released on the esteemed American label, Kranky, Morgan has also produced special projects, remixes and collaborations with other musicians including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Murcof/Vanessa Wagner, bvdub, Sarah Neufeld, Daniel Bejar, Rachel Grimes, and Lawrence English. Morgan’s music can be found supporting film, television, theatre, and contemporary dance productions including notable work with choreographers Damien Jalet from Belgium and Vanessa Goodman from Vancouver. Morgan has also created bespoke music for games and interactive multimedia projects including Hundreds, Osmos, Lifelike, and his own generative music application, ADRIFT, released in 2015. As a touring entity, Morgan has brought his live audio-visual performances to festivals worldwide such as Mutek, Le Guess Who, LEV, Gamma Fest, Sled Island, Today’s Art, WOS, Open Frame, and Big Ears.





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