Libby Leshgold Gallery

Exhibition curated by Cate Rimmer
Opening Reception: Tuesday October 7, 2008 at 7:30pm

The Charles H. Scott Gallery is pleased to present The Sound I’m Looking For, a two-part exhibition of sound-based work by Canadian and international artists curated by Cate Rimmer. Working with a variety of media, these artists use music, the urban soundscape, and the play between the presence and absence of sound as their subject matter.

In Part 1 of the exhibition Scottish artist Dave Allen will present two works, For the Dogs, based onan Erik Satie composition and Everything Starts on A, Everything Ends on B, a sketch for a turntable/live concert composition. As well, Allen will give a live performance during the opening reception. Berlin-based Swedish artist Annika Eriksson’s video projection The Soundtrack depicts a lone musician on a busy city street. Though alone at his drum kit he is accompanied by the sounds of the urban environment around him. The urban soundscape is also the subject of Irish artist Dennis McNulty’s work in which he creates improvised site-specific soundtracks for locations within the built environment. For The Sound I’m Looking For, McNulty has created a new work, one second of a possible future/monospan twin ride and will carry out a number of live performances in public spaces (please see for further details).

A Brief Account of the History of Recorded Music, Re-interpreted (Au Clair de la lune), a new silent video piece by Vancouver artist Ian Skedd is based on the artist’s research into the phonautogram, a 19th century invention designed to record sound visually rather than aurally. In New York artist Matthew Buckingham’s audio work Infinite Tuning we hear an orchestra alternately warm up and tune but never actually play a piece of music thus subverting expectations and our feelings of anticipation.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a number of public programming events including talks and performances.

The Sound I’m Looking For - Part 2 includes artists Brady Cranfield, Brian Joseph Davis, Ceal Floyer, Luke Fowler, and Holly Ward. It will run from November 26 to January 18.


Annika Eriksson, The Soundtrack, 2007. Video.