Libby Leshgold Gallery

Exhibition curated by Greg Bellerby
Opening Reception: Tuesday August 6, 2013 at 7:00pm

The Charles H. Scott Gallery is pleased to present Photography and the West Coast Modern House an exhibition that examines the relationship between photography and architecture from the 1950s to the present through the work of nine prominent photographers. The exhibition presents the work of Jim Breukelman, John Fulker, Arni Haraldsson, Krista Jahnke, Jack Long, Selwyn Pullan, Simon Scott, Martin Tessler, and Graham Warrington.

Since the invention of photography in the early nineteenth century architecture has been a favoured subject as photographers documented the ever-changing urban landscape. Photography has continued to play and important role in promoting and popularizing architecture especially in the post-war period. Photographers were able to capture the innovations of modernist design such as post and beam construction that allowed for large open interior spaces, the emphasis on the flow between indoor and outdoor spaces and the relation of the modern house to its site.

Beginning in the nineteen fifties, magazines like Western Homes and Living, commissioned photographers Graham Warrington, Selwyn Pullan and John Fulker to document the houses featured in the magazine. The photographs and accompanying texts allowed the average person to vicariously inhabit the spaces of these private residences and introduced them to the idea of modern living. Photographers not only popularized the new style, they also contributed to the success of local architects and helped West Coast residential architecture become internationally recognized.

The exhibition Photography and the West Coast Modern House, brings together a selection of mid-century works by Graham Warrington, Selwyn Pullan and John Fulker with works by contemporary photographers Simon Scott, Martin Tessler and Krista Janhke who continue in the tradition of Vancouver architectural photography. The exhibition also includes works by Jim Breukelman and Arni Haraldsson both of whom have produced photographic series' that explore a more intimate view of the modern house . In the late 1980's Breukelman produced a series of photographs of post-war Vancouver bungalows entitled Hot Properties. While Haraldsson photographed three important modern houses inhabited by Vancouver artists BC Binning, Jack Shadbolt and Gordon Smith.


Living room with mural … from Shadbolt House, 1994; seven c-prints, 18 ¾" x 20 ¾" each framed.