Libby Leshgold Gallery


Libby Leshgold Gallery is pleased to host This Exhibition is not an Exhibition, presented by the Emily Carr University Faculty Association.


Curated by Valérie Walker and Patryk Tom, this year's Faculty Show will focus on "decentering the objects in favour of the space" in the words of Dr. Alla Gadassik in her essay Where is Everyone? Faculty as Resident Artists, which accompanies the exhibition.


"If faculty are defined and valued by their work of teaching in a classroom or providing service in a boardroom, then these become the foundation for the gallery as a third space. When a visitor entering the gallery finds programming in the space, it is only because of faculty with the interest and capacity to channel their work-time into the time-space of the exhibition. When no faculty are able and willing to activate the space, it stands empty."


Stay tuned to our Instagram for more details on upcoming events related to This Exhibition is not an Exhibition as they are scheduled, adjusted, and cancelled.




Canada Council for the Arts


Image: Scenes from This Exhibition is not an Exhibition