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America is Invading Itself

Publisher Dale Zine
Author  Bobuq Sayed

Friends and family who are confused about what's going on in America right now, especially non-Black folks and those of you abroad, I want to spell it out: After the murder of George Floyd by a racist white police officer, protestors took to the streets to demand justice for Black folks, who have been systemically disempowered by the political system and murdered without repercussions by police since the conception of this country (modern policing here begun with patrols to recapture runaway slaves); The ensuing demonstrations gained steam because the violent inequality that Floyd's death represents is part of the racist bedrock of America, which continues to keep Black folks down through housing policies like redlining, through education, through income inequality, through access to public services and healthcare, through prisons filled with Black folks, and even with deaths from covid-19 in America so disproportionately affecting Black folks; What we are seeing now is the military being mobilized against protestors who are demanding equality. These are tactics dictators use to quell rebellion. Please do not let the media convince you that looting is the important narrative at play here. Black folks have spent 400 years trying to appeal to the moral sense of dominant culture for equality and it hasn't worked, property can be replaced

Roy Neil Hunter , Steve Saiz
Location of production/publication
Miami, Fl

Date of publication
April 2020

Digital publication