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Even The Score, Vote, Volume II

Publisher Homie House Press
Author  Bowie State University

Extra Extra! Read all about it! Even The Score, Volume II, Vote. We’ve worked really hard on this!!! We are proud of the students and how they’ve come together to birth this into the world at such a time as this. 2020 VOTE. This project was made by the wholesome hands and hearts of the students of @jtknoxroxs at @bowiestateuniversity in the department of @vcdma through the pilot residency program with Adriana Monsalve / Homie House Press. We cannot stress enough how necessary and courageous the student’s work is! You should know by now, 〰️ student work is da best work 〰️ 💓📰💓 All the love and courageous vibes to everyone that had a hand in bringing this to life, Thank you Bowie State University!

Bowie State University Art 353, fall 2019 Prof. Jennifer White-Johnson Students: Dania Alexis, Alia Jackson, Jasmine Gray, Tatyana Gaskins-Wallace, Kaylin Luces, Nick Purdie, Jack Owusu-Brinfour, Randy Mcfall, Stacy Amon, Des’ree McCraw, Devon Kendrick, Brittany N. Gaddy, Maurice McBride, and Arianna Lewis
Location of production/publication
PG County, MD

Date of publication
January 2020

Softcover newspaper