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little black book

Publisher Homie House Press
Author  Theophilus Imani

little black book by Theophilus Imani is a personal navigation through the complex identity of a Ghanaian born and raised in Italy. This project gathers notes taken in moments of black delight found between duty and pleasure, learning and leisure, and the loss and finding of self. The book comes to life with notes, photographs, and sketches weaved together in the most poetic of ways. We are proud of Theophilus and this gorgeous collaboration that we are thrilled to put forth into the world. If you would like to bring Theophilus to your institution to discuss his work and engage further on the topics, send us an email, we would love to do this with you and further grow the space of little black book. This is the final project in the 4-part beibi boi’s series.

Location of production/publication
PG County, MD

Date of publication
February 2020

Softcover book