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    > PARADOX OF THE NON-SPACE: Humanity in Homogeneous Spaces

PARADOX OF THE NON-SPACE: Humanity in Homogeneous Spaces

Publisher Bridget Moreen Leslie
Author  Bridget Moreen Leslie

This book is a collection of essays and performative text exploring Non-Spaces. The paradoxical version of theorist Marc Auge's, Non-Places. He believed these sites were sites of anonymity, were a-historical and lacked social connection. These sites included airports, shopping centers, highways, waiting rooms, etc. I believe that these sites are anything but. The seemingly un-interesting space of transience and non-thought is a space that evokes the human body, identity, and subjectivity because they are institutional spaces that we must visit. They are choice-less places; the social keys to participating in the free world. As we evolve as a society, these overlooked spaces stand out more to me. The possibility that even the smallest site or gesture might have an effect on the globalized whole. To only consider one's own relationship to transitional sites is to leave out important groups of people. To leave out the underlying connection of human-ness that we all share.

Location of production/publication
Brooklyn, NY/ Durham, NC

Date of publication
August 2020

Softcover book and digital publication