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Queer Zine Library: Year 1

Publisher Queer Zine Library
Author  Queer Zine Library

Queer Zine Library: Year 1 is a zine charting the first year of our mobile queer zine library and celebrating the power of radical LGBTQIA+ self-publishing. Featuring contributions from Queer Zine Library collective volunteers, visitors and hosts of the library, and zine readers; the zine is a love letter to queer zines. The zine looks back at the first year, how and why we started a zine library, how we plan tours, and how we catalogue. The second part of the zine features contributions from queer zine makers and readers responding to zines in the library collections and reflecting on the power of queer zines.

Holly Casio, Anna, Jess, Kyle Gibbens, Laura, Apryl Markham-Uden, Rachel Ridealgh, Kate Ricci, Rachael House, Melissa, Bob Chicalors, Nuha, Mick Moran, Ren Wednesday, El Affleck, Sreepoorna Majumdar, Amy Wilson, Saurabh Sharma
Location of production/publication
London, United Kingdom

Date of publication
July 2020