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Author  Eirik Steinhoff (compositor)

THE CRISIS TIMES flared out of the early phase of the pandemic - contents range from poetry to political theory to pertinent historical documents, with a variety of imagery and sloganeering to inflect the proceedings withal. It responds to the moment by insisting on asking the question, again and again: what needs to be the case for things to be otherwise?

5 demands Allison Cobb André Gorz Andreas Malm Andy Spragg Anne Boyer Artemio Rodríguez Basavanna Buson Charles Sanders Peirce Chuǎng Claude McKay contemporary friends Dan Leahy David Grundy Demar Nelson Denise Riley Diane di Prima Ed Sanders Eirik Steinhoff Elaine Scarry Emily Dickinson F. Scott Fitzgerald Frank O’Hara Franz Kafka Gail Faith Edwards Giorgio Agamben Guillaume Apollinaire Ian Hamilton Finlay Ivan Illich Jackie Wang Joel Felix John Ashbery John Donne Joshua Clover Juan Felipe Herrera Juliana Spahr Keston Sutherland Kim Tallbear Lauren Berlant Lundi Matin (tr. Robert Hurley) Lynda Mapes M. NourbeSe Philip Mabel Loomis Todd Michel Foucault Miranda Mellis Nabel Wallen Paul Celan Peter Manson + Mark Mendoza Reinhard Koselleck Rob Wallace Robert Kocik Roberto Harrison Rupert Beale Ruth Wilson Gilmore Sean Bonney Siloh Radovsky Stathis Gourgouris The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel The FED (Feminist Economics Department) Thomas Nashe Thomas Schelling US Congress Will Alexander William Carlos Williams William Fuller Zoltán Grossman
Location of production/publication
San Francisco, CA / Olympia, WA

Date of publication
March-April 2020

Digital zine

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