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Ways to pass time inside this room この部屋での 時間のつぶし方

Publisher Laurel Schwulst
Author  Words by Laurel Schwulst and Webb Allen ローレルシュウルストとウェッブアレンの言葉

This publication explores ways to pass time in a room. While it was made before COVID hit, it feels especially relevant now. It was inspired by and goes along with Laurel Schwulst's app "Flight Simulator," in which users put their phone in airplane mode for the duration of a real flight in order to "travel" to this location and earn pins for each airport visited. Now that flying is no longer encouraged do the the pandemic, the app is also strangely more useful now as well. Critic Brian Sholis has written about this on their blog: https://sholis.com/blog/on-flying-with-my-son-while-we-re-stuck-at-home. The publication is written in English and translated into Japanese because it was begun at pe hu creative community space in Osaka, Japan, and had an exhibition there as well: http://vg.pe.hu/2f/greenpeople.html

Illustrations by Ayami Konishi 小西彩水によるイラスト Translation by pal palによる翻訳. Supported by pe hu, Green People, and Soft Applications ペフ、緑の人、およびソフトアプリケーションでサポート
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